• Our customer is our priority
    Our customer is our best ambassador, everything is done to give him the best we can
  • Beautiful settings
    In Sangho resorts, luxury is first of all gardens in wide open spaces
  • Authenticity
    Architecture and refined decoration are locally inspired
  • Freedom
    Whatever your vacation style is, you will enjoy it : activities, sports or just lounging in the sun
  • Relaxation
    The atmosphere is friendly and cool
  • Hospitality
    A way of life in Tunisia
  • Professionalism
    Sangho staff is experienced, and regularly trained
  • Loyalty
    Customer loyalty : Half of them come back after their first stay
    Staff loyalty : Most of them have been working in our family owned company for many years
  • A children paradise
    Sangho Club Zarzis mini club welcomes children from 3 years old
  • Price
    A good price-quality ratio


Selecting Sangho gives every assurance that your holiday will be :

  • Relaxing
  • Well organised
  • Unique